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The Molino del Agua, appropriately named, is designed for relaxing, the sound of flowing water can be heard in all areas. This is due to an Arab channel system which brings water from the birth of the river. This water is directed around the Mill ending in a waterfall, originally driving the Water Wheel.

In the restoration of the house (an antique Water Mill), we have respected the architecture and distribution of the country houses of this area.

With different atmospheres, liberary, chimney and dinning areas obtaining a spacious but cosy feeling. There is connected to the saloon a spacious and luminous kitchen, here you will also find an eating area or area for recreation such as table games, very typical in this area.

On opening the patio doors you connect to an enclosed walled patio containing a section of the arabic channel carrying water creating another tranquill area.

At the waterfall we have remodelled the area, creating an Alberca (swimming pool). Using this flow of water which enters via a smaller channel and exists over a lower wall, creating a natural, self cleaning and eco-friendly pool.

The water continues to flow returning to the main channel and on to the river. We have put plenty of effort in to clearing and restoring these channels to minimize the loss of water, although labour was intensive the work was very satisfying.

Another very important point, was to install geothermic engineering, as we wanted an ecological but comfortable system.

We elected this system after investigating various options, we felt the geothermic to be the most appropriate for this area, pioneering in Spain in this style of restoration.

We have found that it has integrated totally with our ecosystem to be clean and comfortable and in summer a free cooling technique which creates cool floors, reminding you of being inside a cave.